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Re: [BKARTS] Bookmakers vs. Talas vs. Hewit

This discussion about Talas is bordering on the ridiculous. I recently received two very old books to repair. Though largely effaced, I could see that the edges of the textblock had once been stained with Armenian bole. What is that? you may ask. Well, try to find it anywhere. These are among the any unsuspected treasures I have found at Talas. Where else can you find such an array of finishing tools? Other places handle marbled papers, bookcloth, and such common goods, but Talas has no peer when it comes to rarer and higher quality bookbinding materials. Most Davy board, increasingly so, is substandard (I found staples in the last batch of Davy board I bought from an art supply house.) But Talas handles superb imported Swiss book board (Eterno board.) I have never dealt with a merchant that has higher standards of customer service. Sometime ago I ordered a dozen sheets of the Eterno Board and a dozen marbled papers, as well as other stuff. When the order arrived, I found everything except the marbled papers. "Aha!" I said to myself. "Talas, I've got you." I thought, though, before e-mailing Aaron to complain, I should check the order very carefully. I did, and there the paper was, nestled safely between the sheets of the Eterno board. Talas service is superluminal. Some special orders (brass type) take longer, but Aaron is careful to let the customer know the projected delivery time of those orders. Things they have in stock arrive unimagineably fast.
I just received a big check for binding five books for a bookdealer, and, in the future, I am thinking of just having my customers send their checks directly to Talas, so I won't be tempted to spend my money on frivolous things, like food or shelter. Now I have my eyes on a 150 piece set of brass type in Elizabethan 28 font, complimenting my pieces of 14 and 10 font type. Maybe I can get a government grant.
One other important thing. Aaron is active in the bookbinding community. He knows personally those bookworkers who are active, and he attends conventions. He corresponds regularly with this list. Frankly, I don't know any other merchants who do. If I had a complaint, I would first air it with the merchant. If I received no satisfaction, then I might communicate it to this list. It seems to me unfair to do otherwise.
I have visited Talas, and I found Aaron to be enthusiastic and very congenial. Talas is a wonderful resource for those who work with books.

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