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[BKARTS] R.I.P. Judith Hoffberg

  I am stunned and very sad to learn of Judith's passing... May her spirit rest in peace, and may we all be comforted by the memory of her. 

...I had always wanted to meet Judith in person, after these little interchanges with her, which I shall recount so that we can
focus on the sweet memory of her! 
         Judith  gave me an interview by telephone, for an article I was writing, and was so very charming and generous with her time during a very busy day....  During the interview she told me how she and a friend who both live in California--where they do not need to own a coat-- actually share a fluffy down coat,  which they "borrow" from each other, each time they take a trip to NY or anyplace up North. This seemed both practical and poetic.
          I noticed that she always fully acted on her zany ideas;  later, coincidentally, she urged me to do likewise.
I was amazed by her Women of The Book exhibit,  the brilliant insight of its theme, its aptness...and I wanted badly to participate, but felt too shy to enter my very personal piece. This was a piece of short fiction which I had not yet published, and had planned to instead bind for her show... with fabric from l950's pink cotton bloomers. But the exhibit closed before I ever did so...   
           So instead I interviewed her for an article I had set up and gotten a contract for, and for which I did research and arranged  and gathered  photographs.
     Very soon after this,  a situation arose where I chose to arrange for Judith to be asked-- to do the article instead of me!    Thankfully, she agreed!
                             She was a certain kind of icon to me, and I  thought that she would just always always be there, and that sometime in the future, I'd make time to meet her.   
                                                          "Der mentsch trakht, un gott lakht!"     ..... 
                                                                     rough translation of a Yiddish saying:
                                                                                                "People Devise Plans; The One Above Chuckles"
      Now I can only think:   "Judith, I finally learned my lesson, to "do it now"....  I'm getting out the pink bloomers..... Love, Olivia, the one writing the article..."
                                                                  Judith's photo, and her last editorial and announcement of her illness can be found on this blog::

olivia hibel   
  (formerly participating on Book_Arts 
with  Benzion Hibel Graphic Arts & Books)

        olivia hibel
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