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This news comes as a shock, despite knowing how ill Judith was.
What will visits to LA be without Judith?  What will Book Arts be without 
Judith and UMBRELLA?
Like Jim Wintner, Judith showed me the way to art experiences 
I would never have known. She had her heart and finger on the 
pulse of California, and the world's arts.  Ever curious, ever opened 
to creative thought and process, she will be missed by our community.

And yes, she was 'feisty and irreverent,'  full of all life's passions,
with wonderful tales to share of her youthful adventures.

 Lee Kirk's suggestion (below) is a wonderful one and count me in
 to participate.

From:    The Prints & The Paper <theprintsandthepaper@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: Judith Hoffberg

I didn't know Judith although I enjoyed and admired Umbrella....With all of
these accolades, I wonder if those who are most involved might consider some
sort of permanent memorial - a scholarship, a "chair" or booksarts program
in her name at some institution, a donation of artists books to help build
an archive, a collection of books on bookarts made available to a library or
school ...something that would honor her contribution to the field and a
"payback" for those of you who feel a sense of obligation.

Just a thought. Actions speak louder than words.

Lee Kirk

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Eugene OR 97405
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