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[BKARTS] Judging books and people by their covers

Ok, so what I said inflamed more than a few, but what I was getting at is
that if Talas carries the Hewit presses why not advertise them in their
catalogue as they seem to do a million and one other things?


G-D Knows I wasn't trying to impugn anyone, let alone Hewit, Talas or
Bookmakers, I was just saying if Bookmakers advertises the Number 5 and 6
Hewitt Presses on their Website and Talas doesn't who or which vendor seems
to be the better client of the Hewit company?  At least in the commercial
eye?  The eye of we, Joe and Jane consumer.   


Why call or email when it could be right there in my face to either read
about or see?


And G-D knows, I love Talas they have the Brass type of S'TAM a Hebrew Font
ideal for embossing covers and spines,  and I am going to spend more at
Talas than I will at Bookmakers in the next 6 months so lets not get all up
in arms about me being disloyal or disrespectful, I'm not.  


I simply couldn't understand that if Hewit calls Talas their US Distributor,
why Talas doesn't advertise and actively sell the Hewit line?  I mean
Talas's prices are a good 15 to 20% BELOW what Bookmakers Charges and  would
naturally want to save some green by ordering from a larger store like


So let's drop the negativity and slamming, I am not some evil genius out to
undermine the Talas name or fortune,  I simply had a question that got
carried way too far out of proportion.   


We are all human on this list and we al eat, breathe and live and love, and
books are our lives, let us be the gentle bibliophiles people tend to see us
as and not the curmudgeons I and some others among us tend to come across


I guess it's a matter of whether the Biblion prefers tea or coffee, scotch
or beer.  I like all 4.  And that is why I come across and step on toes.
And I definitely do apologize for that, I also have no preference whether a
dog or dogs, cat or cats grace my apartment - I guess you might say I am
ambivalent and therein rest the whole of the conundrum.


Lt's just let this sleeping do lie in peace and speak of it no more, and to
help us forget how about some ABT brownies to mellow us out?


R. John Miller

Baltimore, MD 



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