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[BKARTS] Website development for book artist-- free grad student labor available

Hello all,

I am a graduate student in Library Science at the Palmer School of LIU. I am
currently enrolled in a website development course, and I very much want my
final project, a website, to be something substantive and useful and not
merely arbitrary info dumped online in order to fulfill a grade. My interest
in book arts has led me, thus, to subsequently place a query on this
listserv. While I have viewed a number of beautiful book-artist websites,
many of which posted to this very listserv, I imagine that there are still a
handful out there who have not personally learned website architecture or
who have simply not yet gotten around to generating a personal website to
display their work. I am offering my services free to an interested party. I
feel this situation would be mutually beneficial, for, if you can supply me
with data for my course project, I can offer you the work of a straight-A
student with attention to detail and the backing of a very competent faculty
member. Please reply off-list for any further information, including my CV.
Other suggestions as per bookarts-related endeavors toward which I might
direct this specific energy are also heartily welcomed.
Thanks so much!

Jennifer Chisnell

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