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[BKARTS] Judith Hoffberg

Not quite certain why my messages occasionally appear the way 
they do, but I post the message again in the hope that it appears 
 This news comes as a shock, despite knowing how ill Judith was.
 What will visits to LA be without Judith?  What will Book Arts be 
Judith and UMBRELLA?
Like Jim Wintner, Judith showed me the way to art experiences I 
would never have known. She had her heart and finger on the pulse 
of California, and the world's arts.  Ever curious, ever opened to 
creative thought and process, she will be missed by our 
community.  And yes, she was 'feisty and irreverent,'  full of all life's 
passions, with wonderful tales to share of her wild youthful 
Lee Kirk's suggestion (below) is a wonderful one and count me in.

Additionally, I would like to offer to contact The Museum at F.I.T.   
here in New York about Judith's collection of umbrellas and 
parasols. If anyone on list knows with whom to connect on the 
California side, let me know.

NEW! www.alicesimpson.com
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