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[BKARTS] Replacement Awl Tips

Around 7 years ago I selected a awls for the institution where I work and 
I liked them so much I bought three for myself.  These awls are great 
tools.  The tip is finer and sharper than the standard wooden-handled ones 
sold as bookbinder's awls.  I convinced my boss and myself that they were 
worth the extra cost--at least twice what the others cost--because they 
are designed so the tips can be replaced, and these were inexpensive. 

Then company that supplied them dropped both the awls and replacement 
tips, and I haven't been able to find them anywhere.  Bookmaker's 
describes something similar in their catalogue as "Professional Awl" .  I 
made inquiries, but they never came up with a product, and after many 
emails and delays, I gave up.  The handles are made of some kind of tough 
black plastic and have the letters FAP printed in white.  They came with a 
small tool that allows loosening or tightening the shaft that receives the 
tip.  Does anyone know of a supplier? 

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