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Re: [BKARTS] Anyone Twitter Book Arts?

>There's something that makes me feel curmudgeonly about not loving Twitter.

>(And I'm not old enough to be a good curmudgeon). The promotional intro at 
>the website is almost like ready-made art or something from The Onion, 
>espousing why getting constant updates on the minutiae of your friends' day

>(I'm getting in my car, I feel good today, I'm in line at Starbucks) would 
>be a great thing. Seems like way tmi...

Not everyone on Twitter is using it that way.

I don't really like to use the phone.  And yet there are times when the
phone is better than anything else for a particular communication purpose.

Does Twitter offer any benefits for you?  Only you can decide.
I'm not in love with Twitter.  It's just another communication medium, with
its own plusses and minuses.  If someone's following me who's always talking
about what their cat ate for dinner, well, I just don't choose to follow

I have a number of interests that I've used to find people on Twitter.  I
then review what they are talking about.  Some I choose to follow.  So far,
I have connected with a number of interesting people and have followed up on
stories I might not have crossed paths with otherwise.  I use it kind of
like going around a party or playground or bbq and I hear what people are
talking about - what's important to them.  And then I pick the ones I want
to listen to.  In reverse, I talk about what I'm doing and others find me.

I would be surprised to learn that everyone doing interesting things with
book arts is on this list - no offense to the list, truly.  there are just
too many people doing too many interesting things showing up in all sorts of
places.  Twitter is just one way to connect with people and/or offer your
message . if you like.

Laura Mappin

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