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[BKARTS] Methods of improving recycled card

I hesitate to post this message as it will show me as a bit of a cheapskate!


I am in the throes of printing out a couple of thousand photos from digital
files taken throughout the building of our mudbrick house.

All images are safely backed up (I like to think!) but I want to make a
series of albums so the family can enjoy them in a more tangible form than
staring at a computer screen or TV.

There is no way I can afford to buy the quantity required of good quality
card, but I can buy A3 recycled card for 6c per sheet and this will allow me
to fit four photos per sheet, leaving enough margin for guards and a scored
line to permit turning the pages.

The brownish colour isn't too bad, but I did think that damage from the non
acid free card (I'm presuming it to be so) to the photos could perhaps be
minimised by treating the surface of the sheets either by painting them with
acrylic paint or shellac. Are you all reeling in horror at the suggestion?!

Am I overlooking some other obvious and perhaps simpler way of going about
this project?

I'd truly value any and all suggestions.
Cecilia sharpley

Cecilia Sharpley
Healesville, Victoria, Australia

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