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Re: [BKARTS] Methods of improving recycled card

For a similar smaller project I purchased a large pad of Strathmore 500 bristol (100% cotton rag), on sale and cut it in equal quarters. It worked well. I guess I was concerned about the acids migrating. Acrylic paint and shellac might make the photos stick together would be my concern. I've also used 3M buffering spray but it was very tedious work, getting it to absorb evenly and not buckle the paper. I had to do it in several light oversprays, both sides, which took up all of the floor of my studio and other spaces and was not pleasant to breathe. Add that the spray is very expensive per can; looking back, factoring in my time and materials, I figured out just purchasing the right materials up front would have saved me both time and money : /.


On Jan 26, 2009, at 2:52 AM, cecilia sharpley wrote:

I should have also mentioned that my photos are already printed - if you
have over 500 they only cost (Australian) 10c each, which made it not worth
printing them myself.

Now I want to mount them in albums where they will be fixed, probably with
photo hinges, to pages made of recycled card. It is the card that I'm
contemplating treating with paint or something else - not the photos!

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