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[BKARTS] I think I have an Idea

For those of us who like those "how to" videos on book repair and how to
make a book on you tube, that's all well and good, but often the instructors
are hard to hear or understand and the instructions aren't really as clear
as they might or ought to be. 

Here's a modest proposal.  How about some of you mavens out there in the
Binding world, traditional and artistic banding together to make a series of
instructional DVDs as a legacy to the Art but to also help some of us who
still don't quite get the hang of it.   

Oh, I do alright, but I could do better and a DVD could be like a mentorship

And sell the things for $39 or $49 US and sell them through Talas and the
other major supply houses and the Guild. 

But give us something, books are fine, but actually watching you do the
work, and I mean perform the task, now that would be a worthwhile thing to

After all we ARE tactile in out art, we preserve and experiment with the
printed word, but we are tactile in how we go about doing it.  

All the best, 

R. John

Baltimore, MD

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