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Re: [BKARTS] I think I have an Idea - Bookbinding Videos

I would suggest taking workshops with folks who know what they're doing if
they're available in your area. 

Otherwise, the Canadian Bookbinders and Book Artist's Guild has an excellent
home study program. More info at <http://www.cbbag.ca/HomeStudy.htm>. It's
not cheap but quite good.

The Guild of Book Workers also sells videos from past Standards of
Excellence conferences beginning with 1994. See
The ones previous to that are distributed by Jack Thompson at
<http://home.teleport.com/~tcl/guild.htm>. All can be borrowed from the
Guild's library by members of the Guild (a great benefit of membership too
few take advantage of).

The Cary Collection at RIT sell the demonstrations of Bookbinding 2000 at
<>. REALLY excellent camera work and demonstrations there. See
<http://carypress.rit.edu/subject/bookbinding> for more.

Peter Baumgartner's videos on YouTube are well made. See
<http://www.youtube.com/user/buchbinderbaumgartne> for more.

There are also lots of others on YouTube at

In terms of the mavens, we share plenty and this is just another thing to
learn. Put simply, I wouldn't watch me on a video made by me...

And, even in this digital age, don't forget the books. Most of makes up this
varied field, especially at the higher levels does not exist online - still
only in print and that's ok.

Finding a good local teacher is also great if you. I know there are many
opportunities in the Balto-Wash area, and even more as you head towards
Philly, NY, ...


Peter D. Verheyen
Bookbinder & Conservator, PA - AIC
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