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[BKARTS] Bookbinders Warehouse and Jayne Eyre

Apparently the stress of bookbinding is much more real that it would at
first appear, or maybe it was from her living in New Jersey, the most Toxic
State in the Union.  Or maybe, and this is sad, someone or something in her
life just broke her heart and it never mended.  

I was waxing nostalgic for the "good old days" when I posted my little post
about Karen.  She was and remains a great person and if she's lurking out
there somewhere give a holler.

Oh that we should strive to emulate Thoreau, Morris and Elbert Hubbard.
The ease and gentility of life, not without its problems, but at a snails
pace too.  

On a sillier note what with the Jayne Eyre post that spammed its presence
into our midst, how about we start word games of our own, just to assume and
befuddle us?  

We abecedarians should be able to think of some witty repartee going, little
aphorisms to make our day either bleak or bright.  And let's restrict
ourselves to referring to the Book, Book Arts and Type and Typography and
things around the shop only.   

Such as....

A Maine Coon (a breed of furry cat with a big furry tail) sitting too close
to a C&P while the press is running at full tilt might be apt to get more
than he bargained for.  

And then imagine in your mind's eye, not the horror, but more the Rube
Goldberg impression of what might befall the unfortunate feline.  

My goal here is to foster allusion and illusion among some of the brightest
minds out there, and imho all of you are brighter and more intelligent than
I, for what do I know but very little about the craft?    

Hopefully these illusory quips will cause us to chuckle and amuse us.

I know we are an informational Listserv but can't we have a little creative
fun as well?  

This though came to me while eating spicy oriental food, that might explain

Lets see where it goes.  



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I remember that Karen had some heart problems just before selling the 
business.  She was also president of the Guild of book workers for some 
time prior to that time.



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