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[BKARTS] Need help or hints for book repair

I received this badly broken book and said I would make a try to have it
It's a nice history book from 1899 with lots of great illustrations from
famous norwegian artists.

The text block was separated from the boards, and the textblock itself was
broken in several parts. Cords were broken and signatures as well - and some
broke during my separation (fold of outer sheet mainly).
Texblock is now repaired with japan paper and wheat starch.

The boards and their covers were in relatively good condition - and attached
together by the back leather.

I decided to try to put it back as close to it's original construction as
possible (some new materials are needed however).

But I don't have much experience to determine the original construction.
However from the remains of different material it seems to me that the
construction was mainly a cased book on a hollow tube - in spite of the fact
that it was sewn on cords (sunken ones).
The book show some other signs of that it was a "cheap" production - and I
can imagine that casing in was such a production method.

The first and last signature are not cut for the cord - probably to avoid
showing the cords inside the end papers.

I have made a sketch showing how I think the construction was like  - and
how I'll try to "reconstruct" it.

But I'm not 100% sure about this - probably I need some comments, support,
corrections or hints.

Link to images:
(The images are all of relatively high resolution and can be magnified and

Kind regards

Erik Haagensen
NO-2550 Os i Østerdalen
tlf: +47 94430332 / 62497332

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