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[BKARTS] Hello from Karen Crisalli/Bookbinder's Warehouse

I am most flattered to see the recent postings regarding myself and the old
Bookbinder's Warehouse.  Since several inquired, I will take the liberty of
a not-so-brief public reply.
Yes, I am alive and well and 'semi-retired' (I'm now 61) with my husband
here in beautiful Myrtle Beach, South Carolina! Other than the extra pounds
that can come with age I am quite well!
After 12 years of owning Bookbinder's Warehouse - "my baby" - I did feel
enough was enough. I like to think I did my job too well - had planned on a
little 'one-woman business', grew bigger than I thought I would, had more
employees that I anticipated, more extensive inventory than expected, and so
on. I like to say the business outgrew me :)  I sold the inventory and
customer list to Cindy Mowery at BookMakers.  For a while after that, I
drove to Washington DC from NJ every other week to help them with the
transition, but after I had a head-on collision in SC (that may be the
health issue several of you alluded to) I just never continued on with the
Bookmakers arrangement.  Over the years, I have more than a few times missed
"my baby" - and more importantly my 'f'riends' (you all were never
"customers" to me). But, life is wonderful in other directions, so there you
Leonard Seastone is correct - I previously worked for many years for
Andrews/Nelson/Whitehead (the old Japan Paper Company) - which is in fact
how I got in my own business to begin with (they sold a small select line of
Hewit leathers, and when they decided to focus strictly on fine imported
papers Hewit's and I got together and with tremendous support from them I
started BBW).  I am occasionally in touch with Vera Freeman, now in her 80's
and in very poor health but we do stay in touch. Jack Robinson of course
passed away decades ago.  Many of you will remember my Assistant from
Bookbinders - "Ceil" - Cecelia Hedglin - who is married and has a lovely
family. I couldn't have done what I did with BBW without her assistance! And
I do chat with the Hewit chaps about once a year - some of my favorite
people, those guys.
I eventually sold several hundred books (bookbinding manuals, etc.) to Heron
School of Art & Design at Perdue University when they were setting up their
binding program and wanted an instant library.  And over the years, I have
auctioned (via e-Bay) many of the fine bindings I commissioned and
collected. They gave me pleasure but needed new homes.  However, I do still
have a few fine bindings and limited edition books that may end up being
posted on the list someday, as well as a bit of Andrews/Nelson/White and
Japan Paper Company ephemera, plus broadsides (Leonard, I still have items I
got from you 20+ years ago!!!). Just haven't had the time, and they aren't
being done justice sitting here on shelves and in drawers.
I am an obsessive genealogist (I REALLY mean obsessive), and until recently
had worked as an admin  for a Myrtle Beach commercial real estate company
before getting laid off 3 months ago.
Just wanted to reply to the questions on the list, and to thank you all for
the wonderful warm fuzzies you have given me the last couple of days! I do
fondly remember every one of you that inquired/posted.
Karen Crisalli


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