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[BKARTS] Forecast - Artist Book Sales

There is no question that this will be a lean year for artist book sales.

For those who enjoy sales to libraries, the single largest market segment that buys artist books, please consider...

Most Libraries are running on a budget that runs from June/July to July/August and this current budget was created a year ago, before the big financial market fall. And while many institutions are tightening their belts, the forecast for sales the first half of this year will be better than the second half of the year with the new budgets created in this recession turmoil. Why is this important to you as a book artist?

The competition to capture the current available funds will be tough,  and in tough times buyers of artist books tend to buy known artists, and known works. 

That is why advertising and promotion is SO important. You need to be in their minds when buyers make their buying decisions. You need to advertise and promote yourselves and your work!

A very good way to do that is to advertise in Artist Book News, both the print version that goes direct to the desk of the buyers, and online version for those that search the net to check out artists. 

The next issue deadline is less than a month! March 1st.  Reserve your space now with an email to me.

To see print samples of Artist Book News go to - http://www.artistbooknews.com/abnews.htm

To see the online Artist Book News go to -  http://www.artistbooknews

To read the advertising details go to - http://www.artistbooknews.com/abnews2.htm

Do not procrastinate away your potential.

Jill Timm
Mystical Places Press
Publisher of Artist Book News

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