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Re: [BKARTS] A question about Filmoplast-P

Be careful about interpreting the results achieved with a pH testing pen.  

As you may be aware materials that start off as pH neutral will show results
that indicate them as being acidic when they are exposed to elements in the
environment.  This pen, all it does is test the pH value giving you a yes or
no answer, and nothing about the fiber content of the paper or the adhesive.

What I am saying here is that one can make a very fine quality handmade
paper out of pure cotton and natural sizing agents, a paper that will most
likely last many hundreds of years.  However cotton being relatively pH
neutral, after a few months this paper will likely test as acidic with one
of these pens.  However it certainly doesn't mean the quality of this paper
has deteriorated or I should say deteriorated to a point of concern.  The
anticipated lifespan of has not changed in any way, all that has happened is
that the environment has gotten to this material, and will continue to until
it is considered spent.  The content of the paper is still of high quality,
but unfortunately this pen gives no insight into this.

Everything deteriorates; this is what our environment does to things.  The
question is what is a product made of and how long can one expect it to
last.  pH is only one of MANY factors that play into this equation.  

Lets be honest.  Nothing is better from a conservation point of view than a
mend made with a Japanese paper and wheat starch.  However certain
applications do not warrant such a process, nor do certain non-professionals
have the skills to do this type of repair properly.  That is where a tape
like this comes into play, and it is a tremendous improvement over repairs
that people do with regular cellophane tape.  

Aaron Salik
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