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Re: [BKARTS] repairing torn pages

William Minter wrote:
Unfortunately, wheat paste and Japanese paper are not readily available at the corner store.
So, what is an easy, and readily available solution for a torn page for the general public?

I think it's reasonable to do this kind of thing if people are willing to have a practice, and do a bit of experimentation. Of course, as an earlier post pointed out, it's not always worth the effort and not everyone has the time or inclination to do it. However...

Various types of Japanese tissue can often be found now at 'craft' stores that deal with the increasingly popular 'scrapbooking' hobby. They're generally sold in small squares because I guess 'scrapbookers' only want little bits to stick in their albums. You can also easily order it over the web.

Wheat (or other starch) paste... well surely that's available to anyone, almost anywhere? It's easy to make, and costs next-to-nothing. A google search for 'starch paste recipe' or similar will find plenty of instructions.



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