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Re: [BKARTS] repairing torn pages

Japan paper and wheat paste (wheat starch) works great for most papers.
But too often I have the problem that it does not adhere very well to the
paper. It can easily "delaminate", especially when forces are being applied
- for example when repairing folds in signatures before resewing.
This can happen also even if the paper have an appearently rough surface -
and that puzzle me.

Can I do something wrong when preparing the paste ??
- For how long time should it be boiling ?
- Can it be used just right away, must be cooled down, need some "dwelling
time", or .....

Sometimes I'm in a hurry - and use the tough method: Ironing the repair
between baking paper (silicone coated paper). Iron at "wool" temp.
In these cases it happens even more often that I have a bad adhesion. I
suppose this is caused by the fact that the paste is not given the time to
"soak" into the papers surface.
I have now begin waiting 10 - 20 minutes before ironing.
But it is a fact that I also have this poor adhesion at ordinary drying at
room temp.

Erik Haagensen
NO-2550 Os i Østerdalen

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