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Re: [BKARTS] repairing torn pages

John, thanks for yur advice.

Actually I'm not ironing for the sake of smoothness - just for a quick
I only do this when I'm in a hurry and when I know (or have testet) that the
paper and/or the print will tolerate it.
Frankly I don't not the long term effect on repair that has been
"heat-treated" this way - but normal papers does not have any problems when
temperature is not too high.

I'm using wheat or wheat starch - never rice. But if these different
materials behave relatively the same - it seems from your advice that I use
a too short boiling time.
I'll try a fresh batch according to your instruction on paper that I now has
this problem with adhesion.

Erik Haagensen
NO-2550 Os i Østerdalen
tlf: +47 94430332 / 62497332
N62.50439 E11.17562

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