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[BKARTS] Fungicide

The recent discussion on paper repairs brought forth the question on
fungicides for adhesives, and the use of Formaldehyde.

It is best to leave formaldehyde well alone.  It has had its day in manual
and bench uses such as ours.  As Wikipedia says:  "In view of its widespread
use, toxicity, and volatility, exposure to formaldehyde is a significant
consideration for human health".

In our workshop, we have been using tea tree oil for decades.  It reduced
our fungal problem to.....zero.

 The drug store should have some.  A few drops is all you need.  We use it
in all our formulas - adhesives (synthetic resins, pastes, methocel), dye
solutions, etc.  We use it diluted about 50% with IPA (Isopropanol) or
denatured alcohol, as it is a strong and potent oil.  It is also
aromatically very strong.  The Australian aborigines have been using it for
thousands of years for its many medical properties.  It is also a natural


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