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[BKARTS] Thesis Project

Hello everyone,
My name is Alisa Fox and I am in my final semester of grad school at the
University of the Arts
and I am now working on my thesis. I have pasted below what
I am trying to collect for this project and would like as many people to
participate as possible. If you have questions after reading the below info,
please feel free to email me at alisa@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Thanks for your time, consideration and support of this project.

This is a spiritual shrine to honor those surviving emotional and/or mental
trauma. Each anonymous statement with hair or other personal item will be
transformed into an amulet that is suspended in a jar to create its own
spiritual chime/lantern. They will all be hung together leading up to a book
with all of the statements together with a writing piece from myself to
honor them. Please send this request to anyone and everyone you think might
be willing to participate. Thanks.
Send by mail: 
Alisa Fox, 
UArts Book Attn: Martha McEwan
320 South Broad Street
Philadelphia, PA 19102
Contact Info Phone:            3173719116   Email:
Additional Description and Information:
Hello, my name is Alisa Fox and I am graduate student at the University of
the Arts in Philadelphia. I am currently working on my thesis for
installation in May 2009. My content is about connecting similar emotional
and mental trauma experiences between the veteran, active duty and civilian.
It is also the idea that war exists in all aspects of life.
I am trying to collect anonymous accounts of mental and emotional trauma
from individuals and have them send me a small lock of hair. The accounts
don't have to be long...could even be just a sentence or two.
Anything that is sent will be numbered and documented without personal
information. You can provide me with information if you want to receive
information about the final work and show.
I honor anyone who wishes to participate and please feel free to forward
this to anyone you think would like to be aware of this project or
Please try and send by March 25, 2009.
Please send the written account and lock of hair to:
Alisa Fox
University of the Arts
Attn: Book Arts/Martha McEwan
320 South Broad Street
Philadelphia, PA 19102
PS. First, you don't have to come to Philly to participate.
Just send me your statement and a lock of hair or other personal item.
Make sure you don't sign it as everything is to be anonymous.
Finally, you can write what ever you want a few words or longer. Its up to
Thank you for the support and please let as many people know as possible. I
really want to have a hundred plus lanterns. :)
Thank you for your time, consideration and participation.
Sincerely?Peace to you and yours,

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