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Re: [BKARTS] Publisher's Weekly article on "The Future of the Book"

I think they are money makers and financial investors more concerned with
the commodity than with bibliosity. Whether it's a book or a banana is
immaterial at the level on which they operate!

Graham Moss
Incline Press
36 Bow Street
Oldham OL1 1SJ  England


On 13/2/09 07:02, "Peter and Donna Thomas" <peteranddonna@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> It seems they are thinking of the book as the information contained
> in it rather than the whole package. I would only consider the
> information to be comparable in concept to the paint in a painting.
> It is pretty important but not the whole thing by far. The concept,
> the execution, the substrate, etc all work together to make a
> painting. The information combines with the images and materials and
> formats to create a book, but it is not the "bookness", it is not the
> thing that makes a book a book.
> Peter Thomas

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