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[BKARTS] spray adhesive?

Dear Fellow List Members, I seek your advice on a new and exciting project for a client - a fragile Japanese paper cutout must be mounted to a circle of paper that will be matted and framed. I think spray mount adhesive is the best candidate for the job because of low water content/moisture. Wheat paste might make the red paper of cutout bleed, THAT can't happen. So if I use spray adhesive, I can either spray on the substrate and have the negative parts of cutout show through whatever the adhesive looks like when dried and slide cutout on top OR I can spray on back of actual cutout praying that it doesn't start to curl up and flip it onto substrate. What do you think of these methods? Is there another product to consider? As for archival issues, the client would rather have the piece displayed than last for three hundred+ years.

Another question is getting the cutout centered in the circle that its mounted to. It seems a better course of action to start with bigger piece and cut the circle out AFTER the mounting so that I don't have to worry about perfect positioning while adhesive is so quick to set. Then I can mark a few places where the edge of circle should land and find something I can use as template to trace around. The reason I'm using this circle to mount to is because the cutout design is in a circle and really loses the definition if placed on bigger background. Any thoughts on this would be much appreciated!

-Carrie in Syracuse,
 ready for springtime


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