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Re: [BKARTS] paste and water

The other day I saw mention of making paste
with distilled water because it was "sterile."

The water commonly purchased in the grocery
markets is not guaranteed to be sterile.  It is
only sterile upon leaving the distillation equipment.
Most bottles are not even washed before filling,
just blown out with air.  So, you can only hope
for sanitized water, not even close to sterile.

The other comment I wanted to share, and maybe
most already know this, is that distilled water becomes
more acidic as it ages.  Just sitting on the shelf
waiting for a buyer it is no longer neutral in pH.

I believe the water "bottoms out" at about 5.5 pH,
and I don't know if this is enough for concern for
the people who restore, but it seems to me it would
be cause for concern.  With the comments about
acidic products and long term storage, it seems to me
that dialog on how to increase the pH of paste is in order.

Knowing my tap water is more alkaline, it seems
to me to be advantageous to use tap water vs. distilled
water.  It also is a cost savings.  I don't even buy
distilled water for my iron.  Of course it has been
ages since I ironed all my laundry!  But, laundry is
another list and another story.


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