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[BKARTS] Two Workshops in Sewanee, TN

Shakerag Workshops will offer 2 Book Arts workshops this summer. We hope you will join us for one or both of these classes. You can find information at http:www.shakerag.org or by email to creishman@xxxxxxxxxxx Shakerag Workshops are held on the beautiful campus of St. Andrews-Sewanee School in Sewanee, TN. The faculty is first rate, the food wonderful and mostly locally grown and Spring in Sewanee cannot be beat.

Peggy Solomon

Shanno Leino will be here June 14-20 to offer a class in Late Coptic Binding.
Course Description:

Focusing on book production practiced in Egypt during the seventh to
eleventh centuries, participants will each build a book with laminated papyrus boards, covered in elaborately worked leather. We will blind tool, punch, pierce, lace, and stitch the leather before covering the book. A peg and strap closure will be fashioned from bone or brass and leather. The range of textures, handwork techniques, and the feel and weight of the completed book are what make this structure particularly unique and exquisite!

Susan King will offer a class June 21-27 in Developing Ideas for Artists Books.

Course Description:
Recent trends in book arts have focused almost exclusively on book structures and reproduction techniques. Content is often left until last. This workshop focuses on generating form and content for books. Participants will use simple materials, writing exercises, brainstorming techniques, and class critiques to spark ideas. Although no previous experience is necessary, this will be a challenging and rewarding workshop. It will be particularly useful for designers, artists, and writers who want to approach creative work from the inside out, giving participants tools that will allow them to work more effectively in the studio. Book structures and technical issues will be discussed as they relate to specific projects developed in the class. Participants can expect to have several mock-ups by the end of this session.

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