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[BKARTS] Where to Study

I join in applauding the book arts summer workshops at 
Haystack Mountain School of Crafts on Deer Isle, Maine.

Over many summers, I studied with the best and accomplished 
some of my favorite books. There was always time enough to learn 
AND to develop my own projects.

Book Arts At Haystack:
Susan Share-1992
Rebecca Goodale and Dennis Gilbert-1994
Kate MacGregor, Bernie Vinzani and Walter Tisdale-1994
Sas Colby and Christine Hemp-1995
Bonnie Stahlecker-1997
Nance O'Banion and Chris Rolik-1998  
Marta Gomez and Ivan Soll-2000
Susan Share-2001
GraceAnn Warn--2004

Haystack's idyllic location, on the edge of the coast, is inspiring in 
itself, the camaraderie is one of joy in making things, studios 
that never close and delicious things to eat.

Unfortunately, one can't spend six months at Haystack, but
two or three weeks are Paradise. For an artist, like myself, 
without a studio, to have a table of my own is a dream come true!

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