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Re: [BKARTS] Adhesive for non porous cloth?

You could try to apply pva onto the places where you need adhesion. When it dries, you may be able to get the adhesion you want by ironing it with a tacking iron, or a clothes iron. Dry PVA film makes a good thermoplastic adhesive.


Katie Harper wrote:
Thanks to all who wrote with advice on spine measurements for the  case
binding. Interesting how many different ideas about that there are. A lot
seems to depend on what materials/paper are being used. We will try them

Here's another question on the same project: For my own case, I decided to
experiment with covering my boards with some scraps of shiny metallic
bookcloth, which I inherited as part of a buy of bulk materials from a
bookbinder closing shop. Anyway, I was able to use PVA to adhere the cloth
to the boards, but on the parts where the cloth has to be adhered to itself
(silver front and back, gold spine) PVA is not holding. This cloth is really
very shiny and pretty much non-porous. Are there other archival adhesives I
can try that will work with non-porous materials? I can think of many in the
hardware stores (Superglue, Liquid Nails) but don't know if they will hold
up over time. Thanks for any help!

Katie Harper

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