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[BKARTS] Adhesive for non porous cloth?

Are there other archival adhesives I
can try that will work with non-porous materials? I can think of many in the
hardware stores (Superglue, Liquid Nails) but don't know if they will hold

Check out the 3M web site and talk with their technicians about their archival adhesives. You can often get a small sample roll of tape adhesive. Then you will need to find a distributor willing to sell you a roll of tape and not a case. I swapped cigars once for a roll of vinyl adhesive tape.

Another solution would be to mask off the area to be glued and mechanically or chemically abrade the surface so the PVA can attach to the fabric. As a painting contractor I was partial to Goof Off. But it is full of great chemicals so if you are inclined towards the non toxic that would not be the approach.

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