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[BKARTS] First attempt at sewing 10 signatures onto tapes using a frame

Dear List, 

I know some of you are going to be bored silly and utterly incensed at what
I am about to relate but I sewed my first book onto tapes and it went
reasonably well, but there is still much practicing that has to be done, and
faith in one's own ability which must be acquired. 

My first sewing frame came on Friday, the 27th and I set it up -- it's a
Hewit traditional 24".  I had folded 13 signatures from Strathmore Natural
White Laid measuring 12.5x19" With a Faux Lay, and weight of #80.  I got two
folds out of the paper making it a 4vo. But I placed another quire of 4vo.
Into the outer quire so that they would be sewn and seen as one 8vo.  And
approximately the size of an 8vo. After trimming.  

The going was rough at start I tried several methods I read about going in
on the tape side at a sharp angle, or holding the signature open and
stabbing from the inside out, I found the later to be the most rewarding,
and if you tension the tapes on the frame tightly and stab a smidge wide it
all works out.

But I was not without my mishaps and tense moments with both signatures and
thread, and perhaps the book is not as tight as it ought to be, but this is
my first attempt.

And I was wondering if there was anyone in the Baltimore area like Mr.
Minter or Ms. Mowery both at the Hopkins lab who I could bring my work to
for judgment? 

I am looking for and asking for help folks, I don't want to do it alone and
do it wrong and bring discredit and disgrace on the profession or craft.   

I want to be the best darn Bookbinder and Conservator I can be.   

That's why I want to take the CBBAG Course but can't afford to just yet,
buying the equipment I'll need comes first.   

But I am just pleased as punch that I didn't sew anything to the tapes, the
tapes slide and do what they are supposed to do.   

My final question is if the book should be elevated when sewing ought not
that be designed into the frame?  I sewed my book flat to the surface of the
frame and it was a learning experience.  Next time I will elevate the book
on boards and see how that goes.    But it seems bad enough that a signature
slides all over the place for the first few stitches, would the boards tend
to shift as well?  

I get my DNA has too much boiler maker stock in it, where I have to learn
with my big cumbersome fingers and hands to be more delicate in my sewing.  

It all takes practice though and I am trying.  

John Miller
3016 - A Fallstaff Manor Court
Baltimore, MD  21209

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