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Re: [BKARTS] False deckled edges

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Terry -

Thanks for the wonderful history/descriptions and links on deckle edges. In
fact, I can readily appreciate a true deckle.

And I even have a deckle ripper, although the one in your link is much nicer
and I may pogo up for it one of these days:
> At the hobby level, deckled edges may be created using a simple dual
> edge ripper: cf
> http://www.inkjetart.com/cart/handling-storage-deckled-edge-tools-
> c-823_835_836.html

The type of "deckle" I was trying describe, however, really appears to be
something done to the textblock entire, and done by some kind of toothed
machine. (I think offhand of a hand saw with close-set teeth at different
levels.) There are definite grooves and ridges, sometimes bits of ground
paper still adhering in the grooves, and in a few cases some deeper groves
as though a second pass had been made but not completed, leaving a line of
demarcation where the tool was lifted before reaching the foot of the block.

Fortunately  I turned these books over very quickly but unfortunately, I
have none to photograph for an example.

So I am still wondering if anyone knows exactly how this was done. It's
obviously it was intended to create a deckle look, no doubt on the
assumption that it enhanced the appearance of the books to make them seem
more costly or "high-toned," but it really would not fool anyone who had
seen a true deckled edge. (There was no variation in the thickness of the
page edges, the irregularities were obviously contrived and too regular in
spacing to have occurred before the signatures were assembled.)

So, while your presentation was very informative (and I'll store some of the
website information for reference) it still doesn't quite pertain to what I
am trying to describe. Thanks so much for your time and expertise - I'm sure
more people than I enjoyed and learned from your reply!

Regards, Lee

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