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Re: [BKARTS] False deckled edges

Well of course now RBS needs an example of a toothed-deckle book! Can you provide titles, so we can search for them? -tb

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... The type of "deckle" I was trying describe, however, really appears to be
something done to the textblock entire, and done by some kind of toothed
machine. (I think offhand of a hand saw with close-set teeth at different
levels.) There are definite grooves and ridges, sometimes bits of ground
paper still adhering in the grooves, and in a few cases some deeper groves
as though a second pass had been made but not completed, leaving a line of
demarcation where the tool was lifted before reaching the foot of the block.

Fortunately  I turned these books over very quickly but unfortunately, I
have none to photograph for an example.

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