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Re: [BKARTS] Literary Bookbinding Quote

I just read a good bookbinding quote in Charles Reade's "Christie Johnst=
one", published in 1853. Describing how a gentleman passes time on a jou=
"[Your manservant] puts in your hand a new tale like this; you mourn the=
 superstition of booksellers, which still inflicts uncut leaves upon hum=
anity, though tailors do not send home coats with the sleeves stitched u=

Bob Roberts www.gildedleafbindery.com


I just finished reading Anna Karenina and could not figure out
why it stated that the characters read a book with a paper knife.
I thought it an odd instrument to hold under each line for
eye tracking.

The light just came on!

Thanks for sharing this timely quotation.


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