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In my eightieth year I found myself alone and handicapped. Desperately in need of something to occupy my mind and my time.  I turned to bookbinding. That was ten years ago and it has done the job marvelously. I can work sitting in a roller chair and find bookbinding enjoyable and rewarding, but I have one complaint. Frequently after finishing a repair or restoration for a customer I receive a note of thanks and I know my work met the customer's approval and was appreciated; however if I give a friend or relative a book that represents several hours work and the best of my skills, such as they are, they will likely pull it out of the slipcase give a it a ten second look, slide it back in the case and toss it aside. This Christmas day I had this experience again with a beautiful maroon and black leather binding of which I was quite proud.


Ogden Nash said, "Never show friends or neighbors your work."


Perhaps this applies to hand bookbinders as well as poets.   George Baker  

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