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[BKARTS] Fungi in paste

  Regarding fungal growth in paste I find it easily controlled if I boil all
the utensils and the jar and cap prior to use.  I am an amateur and make
small batches, usually two tablespoons of the dry material (Zen Shofu).
After I make the paste I cool it quickly and place it in the semi-sterilized
bottle. To this I then add a couple of drops of Oil of Wintergreen. I store
the paste in the refrigerator and I never get a growth of fungus. If I leave
it for a long time the paste dries out but there is no growth.

   This method was shown to me by my teacher Daniel Knowlton of Bristol RI
some 10 years ago. One can get the Oil of Wintergreen from a pharmacist by
special order. And no, the books do not smell but the paste does and it is
quite nice.


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