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[BKARTS] highlights of issue 251 of The Printer

Highlights of The Printer Issue 251
337 Wilson Street  Findlay OH 45840  419-422-4958
free sample copy available — $30 a year 
   King’s Books fifth annual Wayzgoose
 100 years of Hobo 
TypeCon2009: Rhythm
Engravers come on home
BYU-Idaho gets a replica of Grandin press
Proofing press Tidigitations
Watkins remembers getting the lead out
Craft Guild of Dallas offering letterpress class
Vandercook Book January 29 – March 21
Bob Coyne receives Franklinton
At long last, Ladies of Letterpress 
Museum of Printing is hidden treasure
Stan Nelson’stypemouldsbythedozens
Coughlin makes his mark with antique technology
Book Beautiful is 34th APHA conference 
Printing digital type cylinder presses
Fay describes unique letterpress printed almanac
Lasting Impressions: 25 years of Pyracantha Press
Paul Moxon’s Vandercook workshop 
Shipley is not happy with The Printer
Dolinski searching for information on pivotal caster
Acrobatics on the Vandercook
Spring 2009 GRIPHOG Share-A-Ton 
After 21 years of publication, The Printer is doing housecleaning, tweaking, updating of material gathering. The Printer did the historic glue pot/scissors collecting of news. Done this way because of lack of large staff and resources.
   Heretofore, items from internet support groups have been shared via The Printer newsletter with non-internet users — in other words with people who do not have computers. Internet saturation is about 70 percent. Items in support group main room can be read by anyone with a computer. Those without computers obviously do not have access to these items. 
   Messages directed to whole group cannot be shared, as per recent laws. Previous thinking was if all support group users were in a hall and a person copied and published material, then it would be allowed. But that is not the case legally with current copyright laws. So it is hoped support group users might want to put line at bottom of messages stating it is okay to share with non-interneters.

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