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[BKARTS] new here - sorta

I'm relatively new to the list and am learning so very much by simply
reading.  Honestly I don't know which questions to ask some days.  
But Mr. George Baker's post made me realize that time is only yours for the
taking and I wanted him to know how much he inspired me today to take back
time from my life to simply create more books.  I am 54 but, down the road,
I want to make sure that my career is as much as I am capable of making it.

I retired a year ago from a 35 yr career as a couture seamstress
(specializing in bridal/performance/event) to focus on my art.  Happily, I
am doing well and am ready for exhibitions, etc.  Now, to submit more.  
This is an amazing list.  I have a gynormous jar for funds to take the
bookbinding course from Canada of which everyone speaks.  And am planning a
trip to Bookopolis.  
I appreciate just being on here everyday.
Blessings to you all.  (especially George - who made my day!)
Diana Welte 
Maysville, Kentucky

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