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[BKARTS] Bookbinding Gifts to friends & relatives

This Christmas, I repaired antique books for my in-laws. I included an
abbreviated treatment sheet, which did not include a price estimate, but
enough information to give an idea of the work involved. (To a non-binder it
might not look like I did much.) Below is the text portion of one of my
treatment sheets.


Tawn O'Connor




*      Removed musty odor by sealing book in plastic container with
deodorizing compound for 3 months.

*      Cleaned old mull and glue from spine. Replaced with new mull and
spine liner of acid-free paper. Made new endsheets using "antique endleaf"
acid-free paper.

*      Custom-tinted linen fabric to match original bookcloth and bonded it
to Japanese tissue to create repair material. 

*      Rebacked frayed spine, lifting original cover material and inserting
new material underneath.

*      Strengthened cover corners and edges with PVA.

*      Used acrylic paint/Klucel mixture (quinacridone crimson/burnt umber
light) to tint and protect cover and edges.

*      Cased in text block.




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