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Re: [BKARTS] ?

Peter writes:

So, why do so many undervalue their work (time=money and materials) when
selling their work?

Are you sure you want to open this can of worms? :-)

Clients who aren't willing to pay and a lack of confidence in one's skills and talents would be high on my list.

rj writes:

Which begs the question how does one set a proper value to one's work?

We went through this in detail when I was in design school, and again when I took a course in marketing for artists. What it basically boils down to three formulas: plug in the numbers where indicated and pick the one you think is the most appropriate number for what the work entails.

1. Cost of materials x 3

2. Cost of materials + (number of hours x minimum hourly wage)

3. Number of hours x hourly wage you feel compensates your time

Over the years, I've found that for really simple projects, #1 works most of the time: the more complex the project, the more I'm likely to pick #2 or #3.

Linda M. Cunningham      | Artists' Books and Fibre Studio

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