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Re: [BKARTS] Book Artists Unite?

Ummm, if you go to http://www.fbuch.com/diego.htm you will see Diego Rivera
at a Party meeting speaking to the crowd in 1956 and also a picture of
Rivera, Trotsky and Andre Breton in 1938.  And the issue WAS money, because
both Lenin and Trotsky were in the "Man at the Crossroads"  JD Rockefeller
threatened to cut Rivera off, and with his temper, Rivera quit, leaving the
rest to history and speculation.  

Art for Art's Sake and the Book for the sake of the Book should be our
clarion call.  And instead of going on as if GW were still President, we
should make our appeals to Mr. Obama, en masse to initiate a day on which to
commemorate the first preservation of a book.  We should push for a museum
of the Book which describes and details the WHOLE process and EVERY STAGE of
book manufacture, and like Colonial Williamsburg the museum would have a
staff of preservationists and conservationists and about 10 people working
in a bindery doing Bookbinding, BookArts, Perfectbinding and the whole
process we know today as the bookarts.    

President Obama calls his plan the American Recovery Act (?)  Well it sounds
like the NRA of FDR to me, and that might mean public monies for the arts,
public arts, that was one of my reasons for writing about Rivera, his was a
failure but a lot of good art got through and still exists in public places
and a lot of it is being preserved.   

The thing is people we should be coming together at this time of hope, not
driving each other apart.  Sure things and times are still bad but it took
FDR well into his second term and the 2nd WW to see real recovery.

I don't want war, not at today's stakes, so recovery has to come from
cooperation.  Let the US do what it is best at, and if we have to import
foreign raw goods then let's do it.

Look, the best leathers come from Scotland and one name sticks out, at least
in my mind it does we import leather for our bindings, why not other things
to stir the economy.

The Japanese learned to make good and better steel than us by importing our
steel (Bethlehem Steel mostly) and copying it and studying it.  

We have to start doing that to other country's imports into this country,
and then start manufacturing for ourselves.   

If the best leather comes from Scotland the hides must come off of Highland
Cattle.  Import Highland Cattle to Maine or Vermont where it is nearly like
Scotland and learn to breed and tan the hides as well as butcher the meat.

And Highland Cattle is as tasty as free range cattle.   

The thing is we have to think instead of staying inside our little cozy
binderies.   U Iowa makes great paper now after years of experimenting.   

Books and Book Arts for the sake of the Book.  Let's all catch afire for
what might come along if we work and lobby to get arts funding.

I have blown off enough steam, all it takes is clear thinking and common
sense, and we all can think clearly and have common sense.

It's just not about the "I" in your work its about the "US" 

And how we work and get along together as a team.   


John Miller

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As a proud member (and occasional organizer), of the UAW, allow me:

First: The uproar over Rivera's "Man at the Crossroads" it's not at all as
R. John Miller describes it. Most certainly the issue was not money. Nor was
Rivera a "socialist." Hint: the issue was an image of Lenin that Rivera
inserted into the project.

Second, and more to the point: let's not confuse craft unions with
industrial unions. An industrial union (UAW, in theory), is about protecting
the wages and rights of all workers, whether they're union or not, skilled
or not. A craft union is something like the American Federation of Teachers,
they're more interested in protecting their membership from all the
"unqualified" people out there. Of course, this does not prevent my friends
in the teacher's union from posturing like Lenin at the Finland station
every time a contract comes up for renewal.

So before we discuss whether a union is needed or not, we might want to ask
what kind of union that would be, and who it might benefit. The craft union,
which is basically a way of protecting the in-clique? Or the industrial
union, which is about standing up for all of those who work in our
profession, even if they don't meet our exquisitely irrelevant standards?

Yours in solidarity,

Paul Werner, PhD, MA, MPhil, DSFS, UAW

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