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[BKARTS] Newbie question on journal/notebook


I just found this group recently and have been lurking for a bit more than a week. By way of introduction while I have training in graphic design my knowledge of binding right now doesn't go beyond side, saddle and perfect binding. I'm currently working my way through Keith Smith's first volume.

Coincidentally I am also a fountain pen fanatic. I belong to another group of fanatics that is considering producing a notebook/journal for members to buy. As for paper we've kind of agreed that we want something around 90 gsm paper, Mohawk Superfine is being discussed for its breadth of parent sizes. For the book we are looking at 48 to 96 pages bound in signatures and covered, probably A5 or A6 in size.

We are trying to better organize this. Several people have gone to bindery shops in their area for quotes (though I haven't heard pricing). I am trying to get suggestions for binding that would be available at a medium to large bindery. Price, as always, is a concern so the cheaper the better (not really, but that's just me).

Any suggestions would be appreciated. If it's important I am in the Los Angeles area (Santa Clarita specifically).

Thanks, Dave macaddicted

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