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[BKARTS] tip for making easy hinges (paper strips)

Use a hand-cranked paper shredder to make paper hinges or strips of all kinds - strange but true:

If you liked the idea of the Kitchen Stir, here is another tip I hope you find useful. I found a hand-cranked paper, CD, receipt shredder that is perfect for cutting all kinds of paper into consistent strips that can be used for paper repair, hinging or paper filigree. With the hand crank, you can control the speed and adjust for different types of paper. I've tried handmade, commercial and Japanese papers. It works better for some than others, but all in all it fills a need all for less than $20. I've see it both on "As Seen on TV" and on "Amazon". I think that some of you will get a kick out of it. Here is a link, but there are others.

Have fun, Mindy

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