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[BKARTS] Weaver's knot - how?

Hello! I am trying to produce weaver's knot according to "Bookbinding & Conservation by Hand" by Laura S. Young, page 83

Threads are tied on with the -weaver's knot or sheet bend. Make a loop at 1 end of the thread that is to be tied on by crossing the end of the thread over the longer portion; while holding the end of the thread firmly, pull it back through the loop with the thumb and forefinger of the other hand (Fig. 6-24a). Place the end of the thread that is attached to the book in the second loop made, slide the loop up close to the spine, and tighten the new thread; this should bring the thread at- tached to the book into the first loop made (Fig. 6-24b). If properly done, the knot made at the joining will remain close to the spine.<<

My result is : the thread remains loose in the loop. Please help

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