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please consider contributing to my next installation

Hello all, while this may not be exactly book related (or at all, really), I would still like to invite interested parties to participate in an installation I am currently working on (but which is still 6-8 months away). The installation, exploring ideas of identity and identity within the communal context, will involve 2 main elements:

1. a wall of "God's eyes"/ Ojo de Dios (those little yarn crosses that are symbolic eyes) - which means hundreds, if not thousands of them; and
2. 100 small drawings on paper. 

Please consider making (and sending) me as many "God's eyes" as you can or wish (more information here):

I would also like to invite you to draw on, colour and otherwise alter a template i've developed for a figure. If interested, please contact me off-list and I will send you the PDFs. You can then send me the actual piece or send me a JPEG. Please give whatever drawings you make a name or title (or you could include a quote or song lyrics etc.). The focus is your response to the figure and how you play with symbolic elements such as colour, drawings, text, etc. You can draw, paint, collage, whatever (including translating it into other [visual] media such as photography, ceramic or video). Again, make as few or as many as you wish.


Insatiably I drank, but I was filled already with too much, and as I drank I overflowed. - Rilke

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