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Re: Unusual "scrapbook" questions

I've seen one of these.
The leather strip went down the center of the fold and 'held' the gathered pages in place. The darkening is from the acidity of the leather migrating into the paper. 
The leather was knotted and (sounds like on yours) tacked to the covers; on mine the ends were run through two holes in the covers.

Ann Frellsen

From: Cecile Webster <CWebz@xxxxxxx>
To: BOOK_ARTS-L@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Sent: Monday, March 9, 2009 6:46:16 PM
Subject: [BKARTS] Unusual "scrapbook" questions

I have a booklet which is 16 sheets (7 x 14 inches each) folded in  half to 
make one gathering(7 x 7 inches). It was used as a "scrapbook." Its  value is 
sentimental. The cover consists of two decorated wooden boards joined  with a 
strip of leather attached with what looks like upholstery tacks. The  leather 
has deteriorated and come apart. There are no marks for stitches on the  paper 
(which is fragile) and no clue as to how or if the gathering was actually  
attached to the covers. There is a dark line in the center of the center sheet  
as if a piece of paper was once laid down the fold line. Has anyone ever seen  
such a thing? I am going to put on a new spine piece and probably encapsulate  
the pages, but I am not sure if/how I will attach the pages to the cover. I 
do  not intend to stitch it. Any suggestions?

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