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Re: [BKARTS] PraGnant --- comments

While I can see a small advantage to the PraGant (although I have not used one), I would wonder why spend the money on a machine that is so limited. The same comments apply to the KwikPrint.
In my business, I have encountered the standard projects, such as stamping the cover of a book and a small, one-line label. On other occasions there is a need to stamp a multiple-line title. I also encounter stamping dies of all sizes, even ones that are 5" x 7" and larger. I have also been called upon to stamp a name on the front cover of a bound book. The Kensol 36T has met all of my needs.
As Peter says, the PraGant allows you to "see what you're doing". I agree that seeing the work is important. For that, I use a jig --- a Force, as called by Bill Anthony, my mentor. The Force allows me to see everything that is happening with the work, very accurately. A description of a Force should be available in the archives.
Bill Minter

On Mar 11, 2009, at 6:38 AM, Peter D. Verheyen wrote:
ps. The big advantage is that you can see what you're doing in much the same way you look at a monitor... No big parts to look around and very easy to adjust.

Setting a consistent depth/pressure is also easy and can be set. There are limitations as with all things. Also no multi-line pallets like for the Kwikprint/Kensol and dies that don't fit in the hand-holdable typleholder are also out.

On Mar 10, 2009, at 11:42 PM, James Welker wrote:

I own a Kwikprint with the largest typeholder they make and I've used it a great deal. However, when I was studying with Edwin Heim at the Centro del bel Libra in Ascona, Switzerland, I used a PraGnant. I felt it was far superior to my Kwikprint in a great many ways. Perhaps it is that I learned to use my Kwikprint by self-instruction and I have never had anyone teach me what can be done on the Kwikprint. You're right about the price though. It is quite a bit more than twice the price of the Kwikprint. Whether the extra things that can be done on the PraGnant is worth that kind of money is certainly open to debate. I know that Richard Baker in St. Louis uses a PraGnant and he does very fine work. Perhaps he could speak to the advantages and disadvantages of this piece of equipment.


When I looked into the pricing on this machine it was twice as expensive
as a kwikprint and harder to setup. Is there a reason anyone would bring
one in from Germany?

James Welker wrote:
I am looking at buying PraGnant foil titling machine. It's a bit pricey
shipped from Germany. Before I do that, is there anyone on the list who
knows of a used machine that might be for sale. You may answer off list.
Thanks for any help.



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