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Re: [BKARTS] Question about saving straw board covers

Others have offered some ideas and questions ----- but more information is needed about the problem.
Aside from that, I would first ask, why are you using straw board? And, where did you get the straw board? Is it new? ---- Many book conservators have seen the terrible stains that occur on the flyleaf (although strangely, not on the pastedown) of books with straw boards. If there is a possibility of replacing the board, that would be recommended.
If you must retain the original board for some reason, you could try lining both sides of the board with a good paper, and allow the board to dry under weight before proceeding.
As to a cause of the problem, I would guess that the very soft straw board, covered with buckram on one side, and lined with Japanese on the reverse could bow or warp the cover, especially if the cover was allowed to dry without some control, i.e. absorbent material inside the book while the book is between (absorbent ) boards and under a weight for drying overnight.
Just my take on the question ---
Bill Minter

On Mar 12, 2009, at 8:35 AM, amanda watson-will wrote:

I have foolishly pushed ahead with a project, covering cheap straw board with good buckram and lovely Japanese endpapers only to have the boards warp slightly.
I did pay attention to the grain, but there is warpage nevertheless. Is there any way to salvage these boards, or shall I resign myself to a lesson learnt?
Yours hopefully,


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