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Re: PraGnant --- comments

I can come up with 3 reasons.

Weight (for the itinerant apt binder)

I love the Kensol, and using yours was a dream. Working with the force on my side was great and I use one with my Kwikprint Model 86, a machine I have also come to love mostly because it's solid and allows me to do what I need to do.

That said, I was way faster with the Prägnant on pretty much any titling job, especially in production work we did 100+ runs of all different titles and worked off of templates.

Both the Kensol and Prägnant have their advantages and limitations. The Kwikprint is in the muddle but a good comprimise...

While I can see a small advantage to the PraGant (although I have not
used one), I would wonder why spend the money on a machine that is so
limited. The same comments apply to the KwikPrint.

Let me open another can of worms and say that I use foundry type from M&H, not brass. At the time (1999) I got 8 sizes of 2 faces for around $2000 total. More letters of small sizes, less of the big... Used them for production work on rough cloth, into paper, vellum, and leather. Never really lost any letters except to students. A great compromise, for those that don't want the expense of brass.



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