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Re: PraGnant --- comments

The way I learned it from Bill Minter the force is a worksurface that sits on the receiving end of the type holder, called the metal plate for lack of remembering a better term...

Imagine a piece of binders board (98pt) is nice covered with mylar on one side. The mylar is there so that the tape peels off easily. To the underside attach an "L" made of strips of scrap board. This fits over the metal plate that you would stamp into. It is held in place with clamps. Below a basic ASCII diagram of the bottom that will hopefully make it through the ether.

|    ________       |
|    |                    |
|    |                    |
|______________ |

Place on metal plate so that the "L" sits snuggly.
Tape down a piece of paper or thin card.
Make impression with carbon paper/foil scraps. (this will tell you precisely where the type/die will hit).
Mark so you can precisely place the item to be stamped, say a label.
Tape oversized label material in place.
To double check, remove clamp and force, look/erase excess foil, ...
Put force back in place and reclamp.
Continue stamping into the SAME impression. Works like a charm

For stamping covers, use double sided tape to secure another "L" on the top in the precise spot. This will allow you to pop the board/cover in and out at will.

Adapt as needed for spines...

It really does work quiet well and I have had very few mishaps, all self-iinduced like bumping or forgetting to clamp...

An added bonus is the type/design go into something with a little give, reducing wear for us non-brass users, especially with thin paper or leather labels.

Clear as mud? ;-) Bill, chime in if I missed something.


Hi Peter,
I tried to find references in the archives to the force but nothing relevant came up. Can you take a minute to explain what it is and how it works?

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