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More on the PraGnant



A distributor in the US handles and sells all Items made by HH Schmedt of
Hamburg, the makers of the PraGnant everyone has been talking about.  The
following is cut and pasted from their "About" section on their webpage
which is:  www.gp2tech.com <http://www.gp2tech.com/>   


In 2003 GP2 formed an alliance with HH Schmedt <http://www.schmedt.de>  of
Hamburg, Germany as a full sales and service organization. Together, we
provide complete and cost effective hard cover solutions for short run
applications with production thru-put to 300 books per hour and the
capability to efficiently produce in runs down to one book.

I have written GP2 to see if they do indeed carry the PraGnant HHS 30 and am
awaiting their reply.


Sad thing is that everything you need to run the PraGnant is an accessory
and must be ordered separately.


But this machine looks and demonstrates far more efficiently than the
Kwiqprint seems to and it doesn't seem as cumbersome.


It may well be worth looking into as an investment, over a new Model 85


And since they are distributed in the US by a US company, maybe Talis will
start to carry they them as an alternative to the Kwiqprint. 


I tell you, they are beautiful and efficiently designed machines and I was
sold once I saw the demo video on Schmedt's website.  


Will inform you of the US price when I hear from GP2.  



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